Electric Kilns

Many new pottery artists choose electric kilns for several reasons. Control is one of the most important. An electric kiln offers a fine measure of heat control. The artist has the ability to define what the temperature will be and how long it will be maintained. They are also able to control how fast the kiln will cool once the highest temperature has been achieved. Being able to control temperature is the best way to ensure all pieces are fired correctly.

Electric kilns are designed for pottery and ceramic pieces. They are rated for the highest temperature they can achieve. Most electric kilns on the market today are ceramic kilns that achieve a high temperature of up to 2345 degrees Fahrenheit. This is sufficient for the majority of pottery pieces made by an artist. It is also the temperature at which most commercially available glazes will fire properly. The artist can use this type of kiln to fire their original piece to create bisque. They can then use it once their piece has been decorated and glazed and needs a second firing.

Space is always a consideration in an art studio. Most commercial electric kilns are very small and take very little room. Models start as small as countertop units not much bigger than a large roaster. They are manufactured to sit on a small area of a counter. The largest electric kilns are approximately the size of a standard refrigerator. Most electric kilns can be used with standard wiring. This is a boon for an artist who has just begun their career and wants a home studio

Electric kilns have elements that are fitted into the side of the kiln interior. This offers support for the elements when they reach their maximum heat. It also ensures even firing throughout the heating and cooling process. Newer artists depend on even heating to ensure their pieces do not break. They also prefer a tight control on the colors they have added to their pieces. Other types of kilns fade colors or change them completely. It takes time for artists to learn all they need to know about kiln firing, and electric kilns are the perfect place to begin their learning journey.