There are three main types of kilns used to fire modern pottery. They are classed according to how the heat is produced. Electric kilns use electricity to heat elements that then heat the interior of the kiln. Gas kilns use gaseous fuels such as natural gas or propane. Wood firing kilns use various types of wood to achieve the heat necessary. Many artists have their own preference for the type of kiln they use for their firings. Many prefer wood for its effect on their final product. Other artists choose gas for the same reason. Most beginning artists choose electric kilns because they are safe, easy to use and regulate.


Wood Fired Kilns

When a wood fired kiln heats, the smoke and ash go into the kiln and change the pottery in ways that cannot be predicted by the artist.


Creating a Kiln Draft

Some kilns are designed for the draft to go up and others for the air drafts to go down


Electric Kilns

Electric kilns are designed for pottery and ceramic pieces. They are rated for the highest temperature they can achieve.